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Welcome to my brand new web site - - my name is Kelly Anderson, check out all my hot movies.
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12/10/08: I call this video, Backwards Foot Fuck because I was lying on my belly and Shawn was actually fucking my feet from behind. This is a great position because the guy does all the work and he gets to look at my ass while he's fucking my feet. Like many of my videos, this video came as quite a surprise me. I was just laying on my day bed and reading a recipe book when Shawn approached me with the camera and told me that he wanted to fuck my feet. I didn't even have to move because I was already laying on my belly with my feet kicked up which is the perfect position for a backwards foot fuck, lol. I just stayed put while Shawn got behind me and slid his big cock between my feet and began to fuck them. I highly recommend this position to all of you foot fuckers out there, lol!
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11/30/08: This is my friend, Chica. She has very sexy feet and she knows how to use them. Giving foot jobs is nothing new to Chica. She strokes her hubby's huge cock with her sexy feet all the time and he always rewards her with big gooey load of cum all over her pretty little toes. Chica isn't only into footjobs. She is actually an all out cock sucking, cum eating nympho and she loves to show off her many talents on her website. Check out this video of Chica stripping out of her sexy stockings and having her sexy feet fucked by her husband. There are also some very hot photos of Chica and her sexy little feet in my photo gallery. If you like my sexy friend Chica and you want more, visit her website for more hot Chica footage.
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11/20/08: Look at my pretty blue fishnet stockings! I just bought them yesterday and I couldn't wait to wear them for you. I had Shawn film me while I rolled around on my bed and posed for you in my new blue stockings but I think I got him a little excited because he started jerking his big cock off while he was filming me and he shot a huge load on my leg! It was a really nice load. I could feel his warm cum through my stockings and I really liked it. Then, I slowly slid my stockings off and exposed my bare legs. This was a really hot video and the screen shots came out really good too. Have fun stroking your cock to me and my pretty blue fishnet stockings. xoxo-Kelly
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11/10/08: I just know you will enjoy this videos of my hubby covering my feet with oil and then, fucking them. My feet were so slippery in this video that I could barely keep Shawn's big cock between them because it kept on slipping out, lol. I loved the feeling of his big cock sliding between my slippery little feet and apparently, he did too because he finished by shooting a big sticky load all over my little pink toes. Now get your cock all oiled up and stroke it off to this slippery foot fuck! xoxo, Kelly Enjoy the video!
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10/30/08: This video was made only two days ago. I was going through my closet and I found my clear heels that I bought awhile back. I came up with the great idea of having my hubby cum all over the tops of my feet and then slipping on the heels so I could see his cum smeared all over the inside of my clear shoes. I painted my toes pink for him and I sucked on his cock to help him build up a nice big load and I think it worked because HE COVERED MY FEET IN CUM! Then, I slipped my shoes on and walked around with his dirty cum all over my pretty feet. Enjoy the video!
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10/20/08: Meet Desirae, a hot blonde milf with very cute feet. Desirae is very seductive and she loves to fuck. She has her own website and even though it's not a foot fetish website, I can't help noticing her sexy little toes. She always wears sexy shoes and her feet are always nice and pedicured. I have always wanted to see her give a nice foot job so I emailed her awhile back and asked her if she has done any foot job videos in the past and I was pleased to find out that she has. Lucky for us, Desiree was nice enough to send me that video to share with all of my members. Check out this hot video that Desirae sent us of her having a little foot fun with her husband and then taking his big load all over her pretty face. This video is HOTT! Enjoy, xoxo-Kelly
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10/10/08: This video is for all of you toe lovers out there. I paint my toes all different colors all the time and over the years, I have gotten pretty good at it. In this video, I painted my toes green and decorated them with cute little flowers for you. I knew you foot lovers would like to watch me paint my toes while sitting in my living room at home so I made this video just for you. Enjoy!
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9/30/08: As you all should know, I love jizz! Especially all over the soles of my feet. I have had lots of guys tell me that they love the soles of a sexy woman's feet so I think many of you will really enjoy what I have for you this week. This is a video of Shawn waking me in the morning with the video camera and cumming all over the soles of my feet. What a way to start the day! xoxo-Kelly
Join Now!!! Cummy Toes Instant Access!!!

9/20/08: 5:00 Most of the early videos on this website were shot before I ever thought about having a web site. Shawn has always enjoyed video taping and there were many times that he video taped himself cumming all over my feet. When I started KFF I went searching through all of our old videos and uploaded all of our foot related videos to my members area so I could share them with you. This is a great one! My toes were just pained and Shawn really liked them so I told him to jerk his cock off all over my feet and that's exactly what he did, lol. You will all enjoy this hot private video.
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9/10/08: Meet Kari! She is a cute little blonde wife that love's cum. You can cum in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, on her ass, or even in her pussy. She loves it all, lol. She also likes to give footjobs and take big loads of hot cum on her feet, which is why I am featuring her this week. In this 10 minute video, Kari models her sexy black cotton crotch panty hose for us. Then, she gives her lucky man a nice footjob/blowjob and takes his creamy load all over her stocking feet. What a yummy cum shot! I wish I was there to lick it off of her!
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8/30/08: 8:00 This is a yummy clasic home video. It's one of those that we originaly shot only for our own viewing pleasure. I bought a new pair of dark red nylons for Shawn to shoot his hot sticky load on and after he was finished, I ripped them off, exposing my sexy little feet.
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8/20/08: I named this video Foot Love because my husband loves my feet so much that he likes to massage them for me whenever they are sore from walking all day. In this video he gives me a little foot love and I give him some back in return with a nice slippery foot job.
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8/10/08: This is Ashley. I am so glad to feature this 16 minute video for you guys this week because this is a very special video. This is Ashley's first time ever giving a foot job. (on or off camera) I must say, for a first timer, she does a pretty damn good job! The guy receiving her virgin foot job seems to really be enjoying himself. At the end of the video, he squirts a nice shot of cum on Ashley's feet and it is very hot. She definitely seemed to enjoy her first time giving a foot job. Hopefully she will be doing more for us in the near future. For now, we'll just enjoy this hot video, xoxoxo-Kelly
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7/31/08: There's nothing Shawn likes more than a brand new french pedicure. In this video, I come home from the salon with my new french pedicure and let Shawn fuck my feet and cum all over them. The polish was barely dry, lol!
Join Now!!! Cum on my Soles Instant Access!!!

7/20/08: I love the soles of a woman's feet. I also love when guys cum on the soles of my feet. In this video, my husband, Shawn strokes his big cock off while I show him my feet. When he is finally ready to cum, I turn over and let him cum all over my soles and make them all sticky.
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7/10/08: This is a great old foot fuck video of ours. I think this is the first time that Shawn really grabbed my feet and just fucked them really good. He squeezed my little feet together around his cock and started fucking them really good until his cock just erupted with thick white cum. Yummy!
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6/30/08: This is a very old video and we definitely didn't intend to ever show it to anyone, never mind the whole internet! We were just laying in bed one morning and I decided to smother Shawn's cock in lotoin and give him a foot job.
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6/20/08: This is another classic video. This video is so old that I don't even remember making it. I know that Shawn loves when I wear blue nail polish and he use to love to cum on my feet and make me put my socks right on over my slippery cummy feet and wear his cum all day. I guess we video taped it one day and here you have it, lol.
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6/10/08:In this video, I teased my husband with my big tits while he stroked his big cock. When he was ready to cum, he grabbed my feet and shot his load all over my sexy shoes.
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5/30/08: I bet lots of guys would get turned on if they knew that while I am out running my daily errands, I sometimes have sticky cum all over my feet. I love when Shawn comes all over my feet and I wear his cum all day. We shot this video one morning right before I went shopping at the grocery store.
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